I lead teams to design, develop & scale digital products people love.

Collaborating with world-class strategists, designers and engineers over the past 12 years, I've gained a depth of experience in mixing Strategy, User Centered Design and Business Modeling to bring delightful solutions to market. As a leader, I build teams and drive them to focus on the right problem, prototype fast, get constant feedback and never stop iterating.

blockchain concept

Blocko Ventures

My accomplishments and learnings as Co-founder and CEO of a Startup Venture Studio.

cryptocurrency investment app


The journey of creating, launching and managing an investment advisory service for the crypto world.

product strategy


Leveraging Product Strategy to solve the pains of applying for and affording an education abroad.


How I helped define and apply purpose to every team in a fast-growing company.


Mentoring a diverse group of startups trough a unique acceleration program in NYC.


Using data science to design strategies for growth trough
an excellent user experience.

and way more

Here are a few companies I've worked with over the years:

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I'm currently living in Florianópolis, SC - Brazil