I live in the intersection of
UX + Business Design + Product Management

Truth be told, early in my career as a designer I got really pissed off tired of been requested just to make pretty layouts.

Determined to change that, 12 years ago I engaged on a mission to speak the language of business leaders – so that I could prove how a design-led mindset can dramatically impact the way organizations manage decisions, products and teams.

After a MBA, a Masters Degree in Strategic Design and over a decade of experience working with world-class strategists, designers, and engineers, today I leverage design and product management to drive key business learnings, innovation, and growth.

I lead multiple teams to discover opportunities, design, develop & iterate digital products loved by millions of people.

Approach and skillset

Over the years my tools of trade evolved from “plain” design to broader strategic skills, composing a hybrid profile that allows me to adapt and wear multiple hats within a team or organization.


A big part of my work is about getting out of the building and talking to customers to find unmet needs, opportunities for value creation, and insights for product innovation and growth.

  • Need-finding workshops
  • Insights Research
  • User Research
  • empathy nurturing
  • A Keen Sense for Observation
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Quali & quanti Data analysis
  • Behavioural Archetypes Mapping

Product Management

With valuable findings in hand, I dive in a journey to translate them to product vision and actionable steps the teams can take to fulfil both user’s needs and business goals.

  • C-Level Engagement
  • Business Model Design
  • Product Vision & Strategy
  • Product Roadmap
  • Market Analysis
  • Journey to Product market fit
  • Lean testing & iteration
  • Product lifecycle management


My design background is extremely useful to speed things up when partnering with other designers on hands-on work.

  • Prototyping
  • UX Design
  • Usability testing
  • Copywriting
  • Design guidelines
  • Presentation Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Basic front-end development


As a leader, I build teams and help them focus on the right problems, test & learn fast, and never lose track from the objectives.

  • General Business management
  • Team Guidance
  • Capacity building
  • Mentorship
  • Feedback & Radical Candor
  • Product Evangelism
  • Talent hiring
  • Getting the hell out of the way

Don’t take just my word for it

Compaines I've worked with

Career evolution


First steps as a creative professional and Interaction designer

I was very lucky to have great mentors and talented friends I could learn from early in my career. At that time, Interaction Design was still an emerging practice, but I managed to step a foot into web design while interning at small design studios. Flash forward a bit, later in 2010, I was serving Digital Agencies as an Art Director, creating web interfaces and social media campaigns for brands such as Abbott, Ambev, Natura, Apex Brasil, and IdeaFixa.


Diving into business strategy: MBA and Entrepreneurship

Although making good progress in the digital agency life, I felt I could leverage design to go beyond screens and impact broader aspects of an organization. I enrolled myself in an MBA program in order to learn more about the business side of things. At completion, I opened my own studio mixing strategy and UX design as one full service, which helped me land projects for large advertising agencies and clients such as Fiat, Itaú, Shell, Pernod Ricard, Whirlpool, TV Globo, Unimed, and others. In 2013 I received an “acqui-hiring” proposal from one of my clients, which led me to become part of this young company called eSapiens with lots of interesting challenges to solve.


Product Leadership, Masters Degree and life in NYC

Despite finding my own recipe to mix UX and Business skills, I lacked references to keep fostering my career in this field. How other people were doing this around the world? That’s when I found out that Business Design and Product Management are fields very close to what I had been practicing. Eager to get in touch with experienced practitioners in these areas, I managed to move to New York City and enrolled in a Masters Program in Strategic Design at Parsons The New School. Despite the stressful routine of studying, working full time with my team in Brazil and part-time mentoring early stage startups at acceleration programs, the years I spent in NYC were pivotal to my personal and professional growth. Since my return to Brazil in 2016, I’ve been leading innovation ventures and a range of teams in charge of consumer products that serve millions of people in the country.

Recent engagements

  • Speaker | “Blockchain use cases: hype or reality?”・Startup Summit 2018
  • Atendee | Product Camp 2018・São Paulo
  • Atendee | Agile trends 2018・Florianópolis
  • Speaker | "Driving Innovation with Blockchain"・CESUSC Florianópolis
  • Speaker | "Blockchain Use Cases"・ACATE Florianópolis

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Currently based in Florianópolis, SC - Brazil